The Benefits of No-Touch Freight

No Touch Freight August 3, 2022

No-touch freight has been around the industry for quite some time, but there are still questions about exactly what no-touch freight is. When searching for trucking jobs, you will see a lot of advertisements for no-touch freight, but if the company is 95% no-touch freight, what does that mean to you as the driver?

ABCO Transportation is a true no-touch freight company. We care about our drivers and want them to stay healthy and without injury. If you want to learn more about no-touch freight and how it works, continue reading further.

What Is No-Touch Freight?

How is no-touch freight defined? In most cases no-touch freight means just that, the driver doesn’t touch the freight in any way. They pull in and someone else will load and unload the truck. Some companies will state that 99% of their freight is no-touch. That usually means that out of the total number of loads they move, there will be some portion that will need to be rearranged or will require the driver’s help. Even in a no-touch freight situation, there might be some cases where a driver will have to rearrange freight to make sure the weight requirements are correct and the driver can move the load through multiple states if needed.

Benefits of No-Touch Freight

No-touch freight saves drivers a lot of time.

No Touch Freight

By letting the shipper or receiver load and unload the freight, the driver now has a chance to rest. Depending on the shipper or receiver, it could take anywhere from a half hour to a few hours to unload or load the truck. During this time, some drivers take small naps to catch up on rest, some check in with their dispatcher to find out information on their next load and some take the opportunity to call their family.

No-touch freight prevents injury.

Drivers are already open to different types of injuries from just driving the truck itself. Injuries can occur from accidents, slipping or falling, stress and strain on the muscles from sitting for long periods, and various other concerns with this type of work. Drivers don’t want to have to unload or load freight after driving for eight to ten hours a day. When drivers are fatigued, there is a lot of room for error.

Since truck drivers are usually not certified forklift drivers, the liability is on the shipper or receiver in case of any damages to the trailer or freight. Preventing these potential injuries and errors saves a lot of time, paperwork, and money for the carrier, shipper, and receiver. This also helps to prevent lawsuits between companies trying to figure out who is liable for the damages or hurt employees.

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