Fun Trucker Handles for the CB Radio User

July 5, 2022

Listening to other drivers on a CB (Citizens’ Band) radio may be a lot of fun and you’ll hear a lot of fun trucker handles if you pay attention. You will gradually hear discussions, advice, and cautions regarding mishaps, reckless driving, and the weather. There will be a lot of sporadic conversations about diverse subjects, and one day you might wish to join in.

The drivers of ABCO Transportation are valued. We want you to enjoy driving as well as be safe when you’re out on the road. Do you want to share your amusing handle? Do you intend to continue attempting to identify a handle for yourself? Below, you may read some of the craziest truck drivers’ handles we’ve ever heard.

Real CB Trucker Handles

Angry Bull

Blue Anteater

Cadillac Dragon

Demented Critter

Freight Easy Rider

Godfather Hammer

Hot Rod Jammer

Invisible Joker

King Lefty

Lead Foot Knight

Mad Dog Ninja

Nighthawk Machine

OTR Parrot

Phantom Overlord

Quick Draw Rig

Road Quicksilver

Shorty Trucker

Tractor Shadow

Underdog Vigilante

Victorious Unicorn

Witty Xpert

Xray Wanderer

Yappy Zipper

Ziggy Yard Dog

Broken Bunny

The Wombat

Blue Pirate

Snow Snake

Choose a handle that will allow you to express yourself. The majority of truck drivers choose a handle that is related to an activity they find enjoyable or a nickname that other drivers have given them. Be as imaginative as you like, but keep in mind that anyone nearby will hear what you say when you speak on a CB radio. There are many “not safe for work” truck driver handles available, and despite how absurd that may sound, other motorists would enjoy it if you choose something a little friendlier.

Are you having trouble choosing a truck driving handle? We’ve made a CB Handle Generator for you to help you choose!

If you are more interested in creating your own trucker handle from scratch, use these tips below to help you!

Handle Creation Tips

  • Choose a color: blue and black tend to be popular
  • Decide an animal: bunny, wombat, cat or kat, snake, beaver, and duck are some from the list above
  • Select an action: examples above – crawler, drifter, roller, and buster
  • Pick a size: little, big, large, tiny, and Lil – these are all variations we have seen

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