Career Goals for a Truck Driver

New Year resolutions for truck drivers July 29, 2022

Setting long-term career goals as a truck driver early on will help you achieve them. Setting goals for yourself allows you to concentrate your efforts on the procedure. Setting goals is a potent technique for planning, thinking, and motivating yourself to bring your vision to life. Additionally, because you will be concentrated on your objectives, you won’t be as likely to get sidetracked from your work. Here is some advice for creating realistic resolutions and developing your trucking career in a positive way.

Career goals for a truck driver should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.


In trucking, experience is the best way to develop your career. Although most trucking companies have their own agendas and criteria for truck drivers, being specific means having a plan for the type of experience you want. You should gain all the experience you can if it furthers your career goals. If there is a clear way to tell if the goal is met, then it’s specific. Want more mileage this year? Start keeping track of your miles each month and see where you are at.


Career goals for truck drivers are more effective if there’s a way to measure your progress. Mileage is a good start as all truck drivers are expected to cover a certain amount within 70 hours. It’s also important to know what’s ahead, and plot the best route for avoiding traffic, construction, bad detours and other things that will slow you down. Whatever your goal may be – whether it’s driving more miles, spending more time at home or zero accidents – it should be quantifiable. And share these goals with your manager so they can help you work towards them.


What can you do now that will benefit you most? Choose goals that stretch your abilities but are still attainable. Consider what your limitations may be and how to overcome them, such as maintaining a good DAC report. Driver history is important throughout your career. Monitor your DAC report and if necessary search for a service that can help you clear it up.


Are your career goals something you can accomplish in a reasonable time frame? Be honest about your skills and focus. In a busy schedule, it might help to prioritize your goals. Determine which goals you can accomplish first. That can help you build momentum for completing all of your goals. For example, if you want to coach your son’s basketball team but you’re gone five nights a week, that is not a realistic goal.  But if your goal is more home time, and you can run your routes Sunday through Thursday, then being home on weekends to attend those games is a more realistic goal.


Getting to your delivery destination on schedule and in the least amount of time requires effective time management. A truck driver will encounter many time-wasting circumstances, from bad weather to traffic jams. With experience, truck drivers learn to manage their time on the road. You may be able to deliver the load ahead of schedule and still have plenty of time to rest and relax.  When setting goals or resolutions, you also want to include a time component or deadline. Set a weekly or monthly goal that can help you meet your overall goal.

What do you think about these tips for resolutions and SMART goals? Share your own truck driver career goals below.


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