Drivers Job: America’s Top Haunted Highways

October 15, 2015

Traveling America’s highways can be fun and exciting as you get to see scenic routes, experience some of the best food and meet new people along the way. It’s part of the drivers job. As experienced drivers traveling through various cities and towns, we’re sure you’ve caught word of an urban legend or two about haunted highways and paranormal activity. Right? As we move into the fall season we thought we would highlight some of the scariest roads to travel.

In an effort to have a little Halloween fun, we’ve compiled this list of haunted highways for you. Check out the list and let us know what you think.

Americas Top Haunted Highways and Roads

Haunted Highways and Roads

Clinton Road

Clinton Road located in West Milford, New Jersey is legendary amongst ghost hunters and any one brave enough to drive the road, especially at night. This twisty 10 mile stretch of road is known for its strange tales connected to it. Legend consists of many tales such as strange lights over the Clinton Reservoir water and the ghost of a boy that throws a coin back, if tossed over the bridge. The road is also home to Cross Castle, a former mansion left to rot in the woods, and “Deadman’s Curve” the sharpest corner on Clinton Road. Surrounded by miles of woods, this road is the center of creepy tales and legends.

Route 666

Route 666 is considered to be one of the most famously haunted roads. It was given the nickname of the “Devil’s Highway” due to the number 666 designation. There have been many hauntings reported while traveling this road that extends through Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Reports have been made of paranormal happenings such as a black speeding sedan following behind you with headlights and vicious packs of dogs, referred to as “Hell Hounds” chasing after your car. A black semi truck trying to force you off the road and spirits of individuals warning you of impeding danger ahead have also been reported. With each occurrence, this lonely deserted road gives the driver an unexplained experience at times and the phenomenon disappears as if nothing ever happened.

Archer Avenue

Archer Avenue is located on the south side of Chicago, Illinois and is anchored by a cemetery at each end, Resurrection Cemetery and St. James-Sag Cemetery. Paranormal activity and hauntings have been reported for many years along this road. Some reportings include strange sightings of phantom monks that vanished without a trace and the tale of the “Vanishing Hitchhiker,” a young female hitchhiker wearing dancing shoes, a dress and a shawl. As drivers near Resurrection Cemetery she is asked to be let out of the vehicle and she disappears into the cemetery.

If you have time to drive any of these roads, let us know if you happen to come across any unusual activity. You may not be able to drive all of these in your truck, but we like to inform our drivers and readers of this blog about unique and interesting roads and highways. As always, travel safe and beware of hitchhiking ghosts!

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