How To Avoid Overweight Fines

How to Avoid Overweight Fines July 10, 2015

One of the most important aspects of truck driving is to make sure you weigh your loads. This helps with a variety of factors from fuel usage, stress on the truck axles, general wear and tear and avoiding heavy fines. As a company, this can have a negative effect on your reputation. Make sure to do your own due diligence and put some systems in place that ensure you use a proper truck scale to weigh your loads before you make the trip.

Here Are Some Steps to Avoid Overweight Fines

Keep your equipment well-maintained. Make sure both your truck and the weigh scale you use are both in proper working condition. Keeping all your equipment well-maintained will prevent errors, accidents and damage. Also do routine maintenance and safety checks on your vehicle and then have your weighing equipment regularly calibrated by a professional.

Plan your route ahead of time. Make sure you know what route you will take before you leave for your run. A well-planned route will save you money, time and unnecessary trouble. Things to plan ahead for are the scales along your run to check your weight, fuel stops and truck stops to take breaks and any stops for meals. This will help you get more predictable time-frames for delivery and you can try to work around bad weather or poor road conditions.

Overweight Fines

Take the weight of fuel into account. This might seem like a simple step in your day to day activities but it can also be easily overlooked. Understanding how the weight is affected by your fuel can help you plan your re-fueling stops better. You can plan ahead for longer runs without stops by fueling up completely ahead of time. You can also try another more tricky method to make multiple stops to fuel up just enough as you travel. This can help you avoid an overweight fine because you had too much fuel.

Make sure to secure your loads properly. Before you leave with your freight and your truck, double-check to ensure the load is evenly distributed and secured. Try to use tarps, containers and ties to prevent cargo from coming loose or causing any type of hazard. Make sure to follow all safety instructions on how to secure your loads so you don’t incur additional fines. Even if your load meets the weight requirements, ensure it is evenly distributed so that it doesn’t cause axle damage to your vehicle if the load shifts in weight or moves.

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