Healthy Eating for Truck Drivers

Healthy Eating for Truck Drivers June 12, 2015

The open road offers freedom, opportunity, adventure and greasy fast-food restaurants. Being on the move all the time can make it difficult to maintain a good diet. Eating well has its obvious benefits such as keeping a good weight, but an overlooked pro to healthy eating is energy and performance. The right diet can keep you alert on the road and will have you rightfully energized. Healthy eating for truck drivers isn’t as hard as you might think!

At ABCO, we care about our drivers. Eating right allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle, while also performing to the best of your ability.

Pack the Snacks

Healthy Eating

It can be easy to demolish a party-sized bag of chips in between meals. However, this isn’t the type of snacking you need to be healthy. Bring along travel-friendly foods such as nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit. These will curb your appetite while providing energy for you to keep on the road.

Bring Back the Lunch Box

Dust off the old Star Wars lunch box from middle school and put together a healthy lunch for on the go. The lost art of the lunch box results in many people going out for meals while on the job. Truck drivers have near unlimited access to fast food on every exit, so packing a lunch will help you avoid making that stop.

Drink Responsibly

Liquid calories sneak up on you. One 64 ounce gas station soda will hit you with 500 calories (imagine 34 teaspoons of sugar). Additionally, the sugar rush will give you a small window of energy followed by a lethargic crash. On the other hand is water, which of course has zero calories, and also hydrates you to keep you alert and responsive.

A Light in the Darkness

There may be some situations where fast food is the only option. Luckily there are light options on almost every menu if you look close enough. Next time you’re at the drive-thru, get a grilled chicken sandwich and hold the mayo. Options like these are light on fat, heavy on protein, and can even be healthier than the restaurants’ salads.

How the Cookie Crumbles

Developing the habit of eating healthy takes time and practice. Stick to a routine, and keep the same practices even when not on the road. Put these tips to work and you’ll be on the road to a healthy and steady diet.

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