How To Avoid Common Tax Mistakes

Avoid Common Tax Mistakes April 2, 2015

It’s that time of year again: you need to file your taxes. In most cases, if you file correctly, you could see your return in 21 days or less. If you make a mistake, you might be waiting over a month to find out you need to correct your submission. We know that your return is important to you and want to help with providing some tips so you can avoid common tax mistakes.

Eight Common Tax-filing Errors to Avoid

The best way to avoid having errors is to e-file. These are some of the most common errors seen when filing taxes.Avoid Common Tax Mistakes

  1. Wrong names. Make sure everyone that is included on your tax return has their names spelled exactly as they are on their social security cards.
  2. Math mistakes. Make sure to check your math. If you file electronically, most software will do the math for you as long as you enter the numbers correctly. If you are filing on paper, double and triple-check your calculations.
  3. Wrong or missing social security numbers. Make sure you correctly enter all social security numbers exactly as they are shown on your social security cards.
  4. Direct deposit. This is a nice feature, but can be a hassle if you input your routing or account number incorrectly. If you make a mistake here, you could lose your refund entirely. If it happens to end up in someone else’s account or sent back to the IRS, there are no procedures in place to replace lost electronic funds.
  5. Filing status errors. If you use the wrong filing status, that can also hold up your tax refund. Make sure you don’t make a simple mistake like choosing head of household if you are single.
  6. Sign your form. If the form is unsigned, it is like an unsigned check and is not valid. If you file a joint return, both spouses must have their signature on the paperwork when it is submitted.
  7. Missing the deadline. Millions of Americans put off filing their taxes until the last minute. If you are going to procrastinate, just make sure your paperwork is postmarked by April 15 or submit your e-file by midnight. If you can’t finish your forms in time, you need to file Form 4868 by April 15 to receive a six-month extension.
  8. PIN errors with electronic filing. When you e-file, you will sign your return electronically with a personal identification number (PIN). If you know your previous year’s PIN, you can use that again. If you don’t, you will need to enter the adjusted gross income from the previous year’s tax return.

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