Fun Trucker Handles for the CB Radio User

Trucker Handles March 5, 2015

It can be a lot of fun to listen to other drivers talk over a CB (Citizens’ Band) radio. Over time you will hear arguments, tips, warnings about accidents, bad drivers and the weather. There will be a lot of random discussions about various topics and one day you might want to jump into the conversation too.

ABCO Transportation cares about our drivers. We want you to be safe out on the road but also to enjoy your time driving as well. Do you have a funny handle that you want to share? Are you still trying to come up with a handle for yourself? Read some of the funniest truck driver handles we have heard below.

Real Trucking Handles From Around the Country

Big Bag

Swamp Fox

Blue Knight

Road Roller

Cycle Smoker

The Blue Waffle

Little Beaver

Ratchet Jaw

Night Crawler



Trout Stalker


Sod Buster

Hard to Carry

Sassy Kat

Large Marge


Rusty Nail

Road Hog

Toe Jam

Scrap King

Mud Duck

High Plains Drifter

Broken Bunny

The Wombat

Farouk the Pirate

Snow Snake


Try to pick a handle that helps to express yourself. Most truck drivers pick a handle that relates to something they enjoy or a nick name given to them by fellow drivers. Be as creative as you want but remember when you speak on the CB radio anyone within range will hear it. There are plenty of “dirty” truck driver handles out there and as comical as that may seem, other drivers might appreciate you picking something a little more friendly.

Are you having trouble choosing a truck driving handle? Below are some tips to help guide your creative process.

Trucker Handles

Handle Creation Tips

  • Pick a color: blue and black tend to be popular
  • Pick an animal: bunny, wombat, cat or kat, snake, beaver and duck are some from the list above
  • Pick an action: examples above – crawler, drifter, roller and buster
  • Pick a size: little, big, fat, large, tiny and lil – are all variation we have seen

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If you have a fun trucker handle, share it with us on our social media channels. Safe driving!