Driver Lingo Part 3

Driver Lingo 3 February 19, 2015

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Last week, we had part two of our driver lingo series. This week, we’re going to wrap up our three-part series. Like some fields of work, this one has a language all its own. Read further to see what we included on our last installment of driver lingo. Can you speak like a truck driver?

Driver Lingo from G to Y

Garbage – hauling produce

Go juice – diesel fuel

Granny Lane – the right, slow lane on an interstate highway or freeway

Green stamps – money

Handle – a distinctive or code name driver’s use on the CB radio

Hood Ornament – any car that passes a semi-truck at a high rate of speed only to slow way down in front of the truck

Kiddie car – a school bus

Driver Lingo 3

Lollipop – a CB microphone

Monkey pickles – bananas

Parking lot – a truck carrying automobiles

Ratchet jaw – a person who talks too much on the radio.

Readin’ the mail – just listening to the CB, not actively talking

Real Estate Investor – a Parking spot for a Semi-Truck

Reefer – a refrigerated cargo trailer

Roach Coach – Canteen Vans that serve food at Shippers & Receivers

Salt shaker – a snow plow

Stagecoach – a tour bus

Swinging – carrying a load of carcass beef

Toothpicks – lumber

Travel Agent – dispatcher

Triple Digit Ride – a truck that can exceed 100 miles per hour

Van Gogh – the vehicle has no ears (antennae), thus no CB

Weigh station – a scale located alongside a highway where all trucks must be weighed to determine their compliance with government weight and length regulations.

Weight Watcher – a scale master who works in a weigh station or who patrol the highway making random checks

Wiggle wagon – a tractor pulling triple trailers

Yardstick – a mile marker alongside a highway

Driver Lingo 3

Yard – name for the parking area at a driver’s company

We hope you enjoyed our series on truck driver lingo. Take a quick look at part one and two before reading on to see if you can understand the chatter below.

“Breaker Break 1 9, I’m hauling some garbage and monkey pickles on this triple digit ride and don’t want any driver awards from them bears out there. I’m all topped out on go juice while reading the mail, watching these citizens doing a double nickel in the granny lane. If ol’ ratchet jaw will take that lollipop out of his mouth it’d make for a better ride to bean town.”

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