Driver Lingo Part 2

Driver Lingo February 13, 2015

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Last week, we introduced some truck driver lingo for states and other types of trucks. This week, let’s take a look at some other interesting lingo that is commonly used. Like some fields of work, this one has a language all its own. Read on to check out the second part of our truck driver lingo series.

General Lingo A-G

These are some common terms you might hear while listening to a CB (Citizens band) radio.

18 Wheeler – a tractor-trailer rig with 18 wheels

40 Weight – truck stop coffee


Alligator – a piece of tire on the road.

Affirmative – yes, or 10-4

Back or come back – “I’m finished transmitting, talk back to me.”

Back door – behind you or to the rear

Back it down – used to tell another driver to get his foot off the accelerator and reduce speed

Bambi – a deer

Big ears – a very good receiver

Bingo cards – paper cards that hold trucking permits from various states

Black Eye – headlight out

Bobtail – a tractor driving without a trailer

Break – proper way to gain access to a busy CB channel

Brush your teeth and comb your hair – this tells another driver to be on his best driving behavior

Bull Hauler – a slatted trailer hauling livestock

Bumper Sticker – an automobile following you too closely

Bundled Out – loaded very full

Cash Register – toll booth

Cat walk – area behind the cab of the truck / in front of the trailer

Channel 9 – CB emergency channel.

Channel 19 – most commonly used trucker channel.

Chicken coop – weigh station

Citizen – someone who is not a trucker.

Come back – this is a call to anyone listening.

Comic book – Department of Transportation logbook

Convoy – a group of trucks traveling together.

Copy – I’m in receipt of your radio transmission.

Cow wagon – a cattle trailer

Crotch Rocket – a motorcycle

Destruction Zone – road construction

Double nickel – 55 miles per hour

Draggin’ wagon – a wrecker or tow truck

Driver Awards – Tickets

Ears – CB antenna or antennae.

Electric Indian – Blinking traffic arrow to notify you of lane merging or closure

Front porch – Side step of the truck

Feed the bears – to pay a ticket or a fine.

Flip-flop – a U-turn

Driver Lingo

Fleet – a number of trucks operated by a company or other organization.

Furniture Wreckers – moving companies

Emergency Vehicles

Band Aid Box – Ambulance

Bear – generic term for a law enforcement officer.

  • Full Grown bear – state trooper.
  • County Mounties – sheriff’s deputy.
  • City kitty – city police
  • Evel Knievel – motorcycle cop
  • Diesel cop/DOT/The MAN – State or Federal Department of Transportation enforcement officer.
  • Mama bear – female law enforcement officer.
  • Bear in the bushes – hiding, usually with a radar gun
  • Care Bear – law enforcement in a construction zone
  • Cocaine Cowboy – DEA officers
  • Bear in the air – highway patrol using an airplane or helicopter

Bear bite – a speeding ticket

Bear cave – police station or highway patrol headquarters

Thanks for coming back to read out driver lingo part 2 article. We hope you enjoyed learning some of the lingo truck drivers use out on the highway.

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